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Jill JuozHours of Operation:
The Administrative Office is open Monday thru Friday  8am-4pm.  Please come in no later than a half-hour before we close to allow us sufficient time to assist you.  We will extend hours under special circumstances.  We are closed on most legal holidays.

If you have a question, you may contact Jill Juoz at (231) 258-8686 extension 403.

Purchase Permit for Handguns:
In order to obtain a purchase permit in Kalkaska County you must do the following:

1. Be a resident of Kalkaska County [Village residents go to Kalkaska  Police Department.]
2. Be over 18 years of age
3. Possess a valid Michigan Drivers License or Michigan ID Card
4. Pass a (15) fifteen question State of Michigan Basic Pistol Safety Test
5. Have no felony convictions on criminal record, or court orders prohibiting the possession of a gun.

When you report to our office, go to Administration Offices with your driver's license or id card with a correct address.  We will ask a series of questions and run your criminal history.  If the criminal history comes back without felony convictions, the purchase permit will be issued.  A purchase permit is good for (10) ten days from the issuance date.  Effective 01/07/09, you are no longer required to bring in your handgun for physical inspection. The MSP and agency copy of your application and License to Purchase a Pistol form must be turned into the Sheriff's Office upon completion of purchase. 

While the application and License To Purchase Permit is free, there is a $5.00 charge to notorize your signatures on the 4-part form.  A purchase permit is needed for each handgun purchased, unless you currently have a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) permit. 

Changes to the License to Purchase and Pistol Registration Laws Beginning January 7, 2009
(Senate Bill 370, House Bill 4490 & House Bill 4491)

Forms that are affected:
RI-10 Individual License to purchase
Four part form, instead of three parts
Yellow paper instead of green
Additional fields are required: telephone number, race, sex and printed name of seller

RI-60 Pistol Sales Record (For Concealed Pistol License Holders)
Responsibility for completing forms changed from the seller to the purchaser
Four part form, instead of three parts
Additional fields are required: barrel length, zip code, county, race, sex, purchaser's telephone number, seller's signature and printed name.

Changes in the law:
Physically presenting a pistol to the local police agency for safety inspection is no longer necessary. Pistol registration can now be completed by mailing the registration (MSP and local agency copies) document (License to Purchase or Pistol Sales Record) to the local police agency. Registration is still required. Again, this can be completed by mailing the MSP copy and local agency copy to the Kalkaska County Sheriff's Office within 10 calendar days.

The purchaser and seller must complete and sign all four parts.

Print neatly and clearly in black ink with all correct information. Remember, if your writing is not legible, the pistol registration can not be completed.

Violation of any pistol laws is still a crime. Penalties may include jail, fines, loss of your rights to possess and purchase firearms, and forfeiture of your pistol.

Remember, the license to purchase must be used anytime a pistol is transferred from one person to another. Exception: If the purchaser holds a valid Concealed Pistol License and utilizes the RI-60 Pistol Sales Record.

You may pick up a "free" gunlock at the Kalkaska Sheriff's Office.  These will be given out to all persons registering handguns, while supplies last.  Anyone else who needs a gunlock may also stop into the office and request one, while supplies last.  These gunlocks work on handguns and long guns.

Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Applications:
The application packet for Concealed Pistol License (CPL) may be obtained from the Administration Office, Monday - Friday during business hours of 8A-4P.  There is no charge for the packet.  The packet contains the Application Form needed to apply for a CPL Permit, along with information regarding CPL laws.

Note: You may also download the Concealed Pistol License Application, just . If you run into a problem opening the file (.PDF), Choose to "open with a different viewer", then save the file. Fill out the application and take the form to the Kalkaska County Clerk's Office.

Once the CPL application has been completed, you must turn it in to the County Clerk's Office along with a passport size photo, training certificates, and pay the required fee.  After you have conducted business with the County Clerk's Office, please return to the Sheriff's Administration Office and request that fingerprints be taken.  We will need a copy of your receipt from the County Clerk, along with your driver's license.  The fingerprint fee is included in the fee that you paid to the County Clerk.

CPL Permit Renewal standard may be different, please contact our office for additional information.

For more information on CPL and Michigan Firearm Laws can be obtained from www.msp.state. 


Where do I go to obtain a Permit to Purchase a Firearm?
If you reside in Kalkaska County (Village residents go to Kalkaska Village Police) you may obtain a purchase permit from the Kalkaska Sheriff's Office Administration Office.  Please provide valid photo identification with your current address.  After obtaining permit, you will have 10 days to purchase the firearm and have it safety inspected for registering with our office.

I recently moved within the State of Michigan.  Do I need to change the address on my gun registration card?
No.  Your Safety Inspection Certificate (gun registration) is valid for as long as you reside in the state.  No address update is necessary.

I inherited a firearm.  How do I register it?
If you are the heir to the estate, you will need an application and License to Purchase a Pistol Permit, along with your driver's license or state i.d. card and a copy of the death certificate and deceased's registration card (if you have it).  If unable to locate the gun registration card, we may have to hold the firearm overnight to run a record check.  If you are not the heir you may have to obtain a purchase permit and proceed as though it is a sale and notations will be made on the permit in reference the inheritance.  And finally, then complete the safety inspection on the gun.

I just moved to Michigan from another state.  How do I register my firearms?
If you reside in Kalkaska County, please bring the firearm into the Administration Office at the Sheriff's Office.  Make sure the weapon is unloaded and encased.  If may also be helpful to bring prior state registrations (if applicable).  We may need to hold the firearm overnight to conduct a record check on it.  If the firearm is clear (not stolen, etc.) a Safety Inspection (gun registration) card will be issued.

What is the procedure for renewing a Concealed Pistol License?
The renewal process is basically the same as applying for a new permit except the training is not required.  Instead applicants will sign a statement stating that they have completed 3 hours of review of the required training and 1 hour of range time in the last six months.

What is the procedure for applying for a Concealed Pistol License?
After completing the required training course, bring your training certificate and completed application form to the County Clerks Office at the Governmental Center along with $105.00 (cash or check) and passport quality photos. (Do not cut photos)  You will then need to go to the Administration Office at Kalkaska Sheriff's Office with your driver's license and receipt from the Co. Clerk.  Our Corrections Staff will then fingerprint you at no charge.  Fingerprint fee was included in fee you paid to County Clerk.

Where can I complete the required training for a Concealed Pistol License?
You may wish to check with a local gun dealers or gun ranges for recommendations.

Where can I obtain information of Michigan firearms laws?

Information on Michigan firearms laws are available at the Michigan State Police web site at .

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