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Community Corrections


Photo PendingWhat the Act Is?

The act establishes a statewide policy for locally developed and operated corrections programs for non-violent offenders who would otherwise be incarcerated in state prisons and local jails.

Purpose of the act.

Reduce crowding in state prisons and local jails by placing non-violent offenders in safe, highly-structured community punishment programs which do not jeopardize public safety.

Support and expand successful local programs and policies which can demonstrate a positive impact on the reduction of prison and jail admissions.

Make offenders pay back victims through restitution and community service work.

Develop additional middle-range sentencing options for the court in every jurisdiction throughout Michigan.

Provide treatment and educational services to non-violent offenders aimed at reducing recidivism.

Encourage greater involvement of local goverment officials and citizens, through community advisory boards, in the development and operation of correctional programs.

Work Crew Supervicor Ron Popp.
Contact Community Corrections Coordinator Dave Hein at 231-258-8686, Ext. 413

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