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PHOTO PENDINGThe Kalkaska Couny Jail is an adult facility located within the Village of Kalkaska. The jail has a capacity of 62 inmates and is governed by the Administrative Rules for Jails by the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC).

During the past four years of inspections performed by MDOC, the Kalkaska County Jail has received 100% compliance awards. This distinct honor has been shared with only four other Michigan counties.

We strive to provide Kalkaska County inmates with a safe, humane and secure environment while housed in our facility. Our staff of dedicated professionals works diligently to reduce recidivism while respecting the rights and dignity of the inmates. Custodial care is given in a non- discrimintory manner and continuance of family and community contacts are encouraged.

Inmates housed are awaiting pre-trials, detention or have been sentenced of time not more than 1 year.

The following prisoner sentence reduction programs are available to qualifying inmates: Trusty, work release, supervised work details and monitored release program (electronic tether).

Inmates are also provided with the following educational courses: General Education Studies, Substance Abuse and anger management counseling. Medical and mental health services are provided when necessary. In addition, area chaplains and church clergy often provide assistance and spiritual guidance to inmates within our facility.

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Jail Sergeant:
Rich Gillisse

Full Time Corrections Officers:
Chris Cergnul , Michael Tilley
Jan Toussaint , Todd Harger
Megan Hill , Nathan Graham
Trent Yanz , Joshua Schleenbaker

Part Time Corrections Officers:
To Be Announced

Corrections Cadets:
Sylvia Bonofiglio , Joann Speer

Staff Training:
Corrections Officers have attended a 160 hour Corrections Academy. In addition,they have been trained in interpersonal communications, emergency first aid, CPR and suicide prevention.

Staff Duties:
Corrections Officers are responsible for the custody, care and control of inmates lodged within, or under the control of the Kalkaska Sheriff's Correctional Facility. Corrections officers must be able to maintain a safe, secure and humane living environment for all inmates in accordance with facility rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Correction Officers process inmates in and out of the jail facility; transfer inmates to and from various courts; serve as transport/court officer; maintain facility/inmate records; supervise inmate activities; conduct thorough searches of inmates and cell areas; process inmate funds, property and bonds;supervise inmate programs and services; fingerprinting/photographing all inmates; monitor inmate personal hygiene; monitor inmate's physical, psychological and emotional well being and oversee the general cleanliness and mechanical operation of the facility.

You may contact the Jail at 231-258-5245
For Information on Visitation, Mail, Donations and Victim Notifications -  

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