MSA Star Kalkaska Sheriff Office
Court Section


Judge Buday and Deputy Al Price

Court Officers:
Full Time Deputy: None
Part Time Deputy: Al Price
Part Time Special Deputy: Lyle Blanksvard

The Kalkaska County Governmental Center houses the 46th Circuit Trial Court and the 87th District Court.

All courts in Kalkaska, Crawford and Otsego counties operate as a "unified trial court" called the 46th Circuit Trial Court. This merged court system has proven to be a more efficient use of the judges and court personnel. The merge has simplified case handling, reduced repetition and continues to curtail the rising costs on the judicial system.

The Kalkaska County Sheriff's Office provides numerous services to the courts in Kalkaska County. The assigned personnel above, provide prisoner transport between the courts and the county jail. These deputies closely guard the prisoners/defendants inside the courtrooms, not only to prevent escape, but to ensure the protection and safety of all in the courtroom.

Court hearings often involve very emotional issues such as child custody, domestic violence, child abuse and etc. Court officers are expected to maintain order during these and all other types of hearings.

Court Officers are also responsible for the transport of "sentenced" inmates to prisons throughout Michigan.

For additional information on Kalkaska's court system, you may visit the 46th Circuit Court website .

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