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Being a victim of a crime can be a very traumatic experience, and all too often, it is the victim rights and needs that are not met. The Kalkaska Sheriff's Office is committed to ensuring the rights of victims and meeting their needs.


You may contact Crime Victim Advocate, via the Kalkaska County Prosecuting Attorney's Office at (231)258-3325.


  • To be free from intimidation
  • To be told of possible financial compensation for victims of violent crimes
  • To be told of possible compensation for court appearances
  • To be told of social service agencies that can assist you
  • To be assisted by our criminal justice agencies

The responsibilities of Victim Services Coordinator include:

  • Ensuring that each Kalkaska County law enforcement agency has provided a preliminary arrest report. The preliminary arrest report is immediately forwarded to the Prosecutor's Office to determine whether criminal charges will be authorized. This report and any additional information necessary to protect the crime victim, is also given to the magistrate or judge to determine the appropriate bond amount and conditions.
  • Ensuring safeguards are implemented to protect crime victims such as, initiating jail telephone blocks and the monitoring of mail in and out of the correctional facility.
  • Victim notifications such as bond decisions, jail releases and court processes.
  • When necessary, take follow-up photographs of victim's injuries (bruises and abrasions may be more apparent days after the incident).
  • Provide referral services to local social service agencies. Referrals are made on the basis of the victim's specific needs. Typical referrals are made for short and long-term counseling, emergency shelter and legal assistance.
  • Assist with Personal Protection Orders (PPO) referrals and the reporting of PPO violations.
  • Perform quarterly address verification of sex offenders.
  • Actively participates in the Domestic and Sexual Assault Task Force. This coalition of law enforcement agencies, prosecutor and court personnel, and social service agencies meet on a monthly basis to discuss how to better serve and safeguard victims of domestic and sexual abuse.


Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)

The online version of VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday), the National Victim Notification Network. This service allows crime victims to obtain timely and reliable information about criminal cases and the custody status of offenders 24 hours a day. Users can also register through their participating state or county toll-free number. Link to VINElink website to access VINELink Website or call Michigan Statewide VINE Service Number: (800) 770-7657.

Additional information is available at the Michigan VINE Link website and on this pamphlet.


Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS)

Michigan Department of Corrections. OTIS is intended to offer information to the public that can then be verified through the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), Michigan Courts, the Michigan State Police or other law enforcement agencies. A search of OTIS will provide information about offenders previously or currently under the jurisdiction or supervision of the MDOC. More information is available at the Michigan Department of Corrections OTIS website.

Crime Victim Advocate 
Kalkaska Prosecuting Attorney's Office

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-SAFE (1-800-799-7233)

Mothers Against Drunk Driving
1-800-323-MADD (1-800-323-6233)

Michigan Coalition Against Domestic
Sexual Violence
(517) 347-7000

Crime Victims Compensation Program
(517) 373-7373

POMC National Hotline
(Parents of Murdered Children)
1-888-818-POMC (1-888-818-7662)

Michigan Department of Corrections Crime Victim Notification Unit


Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan
(517) 334-6060, ext. 807

Victim Information notification Everyday (VINE)